Statement on COVID-19

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

To Camp Families, Natures Class Room Staff and Students, Donors, Sponsors, Event Participants, Corporate Partners, Board of Directors and Staff

We have had many inquiries as to how we are addressing the Coronavirus. For 110 years we have operated our programs and events with the safety and wellbeing of every person being our very first concern.

We are taking every precaution to ensure that all the recommended protocols are followed as we do every flu season. Individuals who exhibit flu like symptoms are asked to stay home. Staff of the Channel 3 Kids Camp are provided with paid sick leave to ensure that they are not penalized for making good choices.

We are continuing to conduct business at the camp as well as holding our events. At the camp we are disinfecting all common areas as well as our individual offices and work spaces. We provide disinfecting hand soap at all of our sink areas. We are encouraging staff not to shake hands at this time.

At our events we will encourage the use of hand sanitizers and urge participants and partners not to attend if they are experiencing any health issues.

We are not dismissing the seriousness of this virus. We are diligent in our persistent and constant evaluation as circumstances warrant.

Denise K. Hornbecker, CEO

Brian Vance, COO