Nature's Classroom

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Since 1992, Channel 3 Kids camp has partnered with Nature's Classroom, an environmental studies organization, serving school children across New England for 5 day (Monday - Friday) stays at camp. The partnership has provided for year-round programming at the camp, and offers services for youth in outdoor education.

Nature's Classroom is a unique educational experience for students and their teachers, offering the very best in environmental education. Through the program, students take an active role in education by participating in exciting hands-on interdisciplinary classes.

Andover is a wonderful place to experience a week at Nature's Classroom. Hidden treasures are everywhere. The Skungamaug River, flowing right through the property, is full of aquatic life and other creatures waiting to be discovered.

With 35 acres of woodlands there are more discoveries around every bend. Thirty foot tall "Whale Rock" is a popular destination for field groups, and usually leads to a discussion about glacial activity and climate change from more than 15 thousand years ago. Some classes will ponder more recent changes as they hike to a cemetery with stones dating back to the 1700's.


A typical day begins with a hearty breakfast at 8 AM followed by a chance to clean up and get ready for the day. Students will spend the rest of the morning with their Field Groups, exploring the site and experiencing new challenges and discoveries. After lunch, students have a little free time for rest and recreation and then get to choose two Special Interest classes. There is a little more free time after dinner and then a variety of evening activities.