For more than 100 years, the primary focus of the Camp has been helping children, regardless of their ability to pay. But there are so many other children out there, children with different abilities that need and want the opportunity to come to camp, to learn new skills and make new friends. 


Thanks to the passion of our Executive Director, Board, and collaboration with The Ashway Foundation, fundraising for the construction began in 2011. Thanks to generous donations from KBE Building Corporation and BL Companies, the construction of Ashley's Place was completed in 2014.  We now have the opportunity to bring children of all abilities to the Channel 3 Kids Camp and fulfill a new mission of helping all children, regardless of physical, developmental or economic ability.


There are more than 100,000 children in Connecticut diagnosed with some type of physical or developmental disability; that is 13% of the population under 18 years of age. Chances are you have children in your neighborhood, children you know, that need a place to grow and learn. All children should be able to experience the fun and excitement of a traditional camp program in an inclusive setting without barriers. More than 100 children between the ages of six and sixteen have already joined us as we opened Ashley’s Place in the summer of 2014.














At the Camp for ALL Children, we assist campers in gaining the independence they will need when they reach adulthood. While our program is designed to be recreational, we make sure that it is also therapeutic and educational. Campers may feel that they have been attending camp only for the purpose of having fun, but their fun-filled activities are preparing them for the years ahead. Campers work on necessary daily living skills socialization and cooperation.


Ashley's Place allows all children an opportunity to camp in an integrated setting together, building relationships with one another, and understanding each other's differences while learning to appreciate the natural surroundings. 


THANK YOU to all of you that raised funds to build Ashley's Place so children with ALL abilities can have a camp experience! Check out this video that reflects our first summer serving children with special needs. It was a very special summer!

The Ashway Foundation

is a non-profit organization that provides support to children, and their families, with special needs. The Ashway Foundation is about integration and adaptability rather than isolation and separation.


The Ashway Foundation seeks to help children with special needs and their families achieve a balance in their lives, to reduce bitterness and to maintain a positive outlook.



After a near fatal seizure as a baby that left her with a severe brain injury, Ashley had to learn how to breathe again, how to live again, and how to SMILE again.


While confined to a wheel chair, a feeding tube and without the ability to control any part of her body, Ashley touched everyone she met with her quiet perseverance, her unyielding quest for normalcy, and her gracious smile in the midst of discomfort…But that was just… Ashley's Way!

Sometimes big obstacles can be

overcome with small steps.


Learn about the story of Ashley's Place at the Channel 3 Kids Camp - a place without barriers where ALL kids can be kids!


73 TIMES FARM ROAD, ANDOVER, CT 06232 | 860.742.2267


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